Why Infidelity is a Dangerous Game

By Josh Harrison

Most cheaters think that infidelity, although immoral is fairly innocent form of deceit. In most cases, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Cheaters rarely consider the consequences of their actions and more importantly, the people affected by them. Infidelity can have a devastating flow-on effect to not only individuals but entire families. Going beyond heartbreak, these effects and their destructive nature can leave a permanent scar on a person’s life.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Different color condoms

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs or STDs) are diseases that are transmitted through unprotected sex. Side effects of these diseases range from mild pain during sex to permanent infertility. Most STIs can be avoided by the use of condoms but condoms can accidentally break and this can lead to infection.

Common STIs include:

  • Chlamydia – No visual signs of infection but you may experience a burning sensation when urinating. Long term effects include infertility.
  • Genital Herpes – Side effects include inching skin and blisters around the genital area. Symptoms may take days or as long as months after infection to appear.
  • Gonorrhoea (AKA ‘The Clap”) – Symptoms are similar to Chlamydia in that you may experience pain when urinating or a discharge coming from your genitals. For women this may lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease which may make it difficult for you to become pregnant.

If your partner has engaged in an affair or you even suspect that they may have, see your doctor as soon as possible to arrange an STI/STD test.

Accidental Pregnancy

Pregnancy test

In the heat of an affair, the idea of protection during sex may go out the window or a condom may break. This can lead to the aforementioned STIs or worse, an unwanted pregnancy. There are over 600,000 abortions each year in the United States. Even more shocking is that for every 1,000 births in America, 200 babies are aborted.

The decision to terminate the pregnancy may not be a straight forward one due to people’s religious or moral beliefs. Women may also use the pregnancy as emotional blackmail to force the potential father to stay with them or to break it off with their partner. Cheating can easily lead to accidental pregnancies and the emotional stress that may come with them.

Broken Homes

Parents arguing in front of child

People directly involved in an affair and their partners aren’t the only ones that are affected both emotionally and psychologically. Children must go through the intense experience of watching their parents argue and the subsequent divorce process. Around 50% of marriages end in divorce in the United States and 27% of those couples cited the reason as infidelity.

    The long term effects begin to show when the child becomes an adult and starts a family of their own. Having experienced distrust and lack of a lasting family environment, they too may think that cheating on their spouse is normal. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to prolonged damage. Studies show that children who’s parents have divorced tend to be unhappy, insecure and suffer from anxiety. Not to mention 70% of long term prison inmates grew up in broken homes.

    Depression / Suicide

    Man with depression

    Depression can not only affect the person being cheated on but also the cheater and possibly anyone involved. Feeling alone and depressed after a break up is not uncommon and it’s really important that you have a strong support group to help you through those tough times. If these feelings become permanent or existing mental health issues become worse, they can lead to suicide.

    There isn’t clear data on suicides due to infidelity (for obvious reasons) but if someone isn’t emotionally stable, something as dramatic and damaging as being cheated on may push them over the edge. If you see the signs of depression in yourself or others I urge you to get in contact with your local mental health service:

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