Survey Reveals Why Men Cheat

By Josh Harrison

There’s no question that men are statistically more likely to cheat than women. We just need to look at a data analysis of the Ashley Madison data hack that revealed a whopping 86.2% of registered users were male. There have also been numerous studies data analysis that support these claims.

Analyzing statistics can certainly help determine why men cheat and what their motivations behind infidelity are. Back in 2015, Men’s Fitness magazine surveyed 2,500 of it’s readership on the topic of cheating. Having a large audience of men, this survey gives us an interesting insight into the age old question: Why do men cheat?.

Have you ever cheated?

    The majority of men surveyed (58%) admitted to having cheated on a partner before. This figure is definitely in the ballpark of previous data and studies regarding male infidelity. It should actually be a little higher but you can’t expect complete honesty from participants on the topic of cheating as they may be worried about anonymity of their answers.

    Who did you cheat with?

      67% of men cheated with someone that was either a close friend or a coworker. This gives an indication that men are more likely to cheat with someone that they trust and that they may see on a daily basis. It’s not uncommon for people to spend more time with their work colleges than with their partner. The average employee spends around 7 – 8 hours / day at work. If you compare time spent at work compared to time at home, the latter is substantially less.

      After a big day at the office, the typical man is going to park himself in front of the TV, workout at the gym or spend some time with the kids. This doesn’t leave much quality couple time so make the effort to spend more enjoyable time together after work. This might be going out to dinner, seeing a movie or something as simple as walking the dog together.

      Although this survey is relatively recent, I would estimate that cheating assisted by online websites and apps will increase in years to come.

      What motivated you to cheat?

      The top response to this question really reveals how important communication is in a relationship. 58% of men who cheated were unhappy in their current relationship. Instead of talking about this with their partner, chose to engage in infidelity instead. Let’s face it, men aren’t the greatest communicators when it comes to feelings. If your man is showing the signs of cheating, try to talk with them to get to the root of the problem and how the relationship can be improved.

      It also raises the question: Do these guys not have the guts to end an unhappy relationship? This question wasn’t part of the questionnaire but there are a couple of theories:

      • They enjoy the company of their partner which they don’t want to loose but aren’t satisfied sexually
      • They are willing to risk their relationship and are just waiting to be caught
      • The current relationship is comfortable to them and are afraid of the confrontation involved in a break up
      • Other factors such as children complicate a clean break up


      The majority of men have cheated on an existing or previous partner at least once. The survey shows that the person they cheat with will more than likely be someone that they’ve known for an extended period of time or someone they work with. Don’t rule out drunken flings or internet dating apps as they may become more popular in the future.

      Men cheat for a number of different reasons and some relationships are more complicated than others. The #1 motive for male infidelity was being bored or unhappy in their current relationship. There may be numerous reasons for this but communication should be key in a relationship. If your partner isn’t forthcoming with their emotions, make sure you take the time to sit down with them and discuss what’s on each other’s mind.

      We also need to remember that at a primal level, men aren’t built for monogamy. At a raw biological stand point, men can procreate every time they ejaculate whereas woman only have a chance of reproduction once per month.

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