DNA Testing to Catch a Cheating Wife

By Josh Harrison

DNA testing has come along way since it’s early adoption in the mid-80s. No longer is this technology an expensive tool exclusively used by criminal investigators and Archeologists, there are now many consumer DNA testing products available on the market aimed at infidelity.

Whether it be testing semen, cigarette butts or drinking glasses, there is a DNA test that can be performed to get to the truth. If you have a sneaking suspicion that your wife may be sleeping with another man or that you may not be the father of your child, there is a an at-home or lab test available that will help you get the answers and closure that you need.

Semen Testing Kit

Checkmate Infidelity Semen Test

The CheckMate® home semen testing kit will allow you to test clothing or underwear of your wife or girlfriend for the presence of semen in 5 minutes or less.

The science behind the test is looking for a protein called Prostate Specific Antigen which is found in male semen. Performing the test is extremely easy: lightly wet the undergarment containing the suspect stain and blott one of the included test pads over it a few times. Mix the included chemicals and use the included dropper to put the mixture onto the test pad which will turn purple if the sample is positive for semen.

The test retails for around $49.95 which in comparison to the cost of a lab test or hiring a private investigator is a much more cost effective option.

Paternity Testing

Identigene paternity test

Paternity testing reveals the true father of a child via a DNA lab test. Yes, you too can be on the Maury Povich show without the humiliation of the outcome being televised to the entire world. The test does require a cheek saliva swab from all 3 parties (Mother, Father, Child) so your partner will need to consent to the testing.

Identigene is a popular paternity testing lab based in the United States but there are many different companies with similar offering around the world. After taking the swaps and doing a small amount of paperwork, the saliva samples are sent off to a lab where they process the DNA data and notify you of the results in around 2 business days. The price of a paternity test is usually around the $250.

UV Flashlight

UV LED Torch

Another method of locating semen stains is using an affordable UV LED torch. The UV ‘Blue’ light will give a glowing appearance to any bodily fluid found on just about any object or surface. As the device can’t distinguish between types of bodily fluids (such as semen, urine, blood, etc) it’s best used with the formentioned Checkmate test to confirm the presence of semen.

The UV flashlight is a really cheap alternative and can be found on Amazon for as little as $10.

Forensic DNA Testing

Easy DNA

easyDNA® is a company that provides forensic level DNA testing for the average consumer. The amount of objects that they can test is pretty mind-blowing and include things like hair, cigarettes butts, drinking straws and basically anything that could contain DNA remanence.

Imagine you have found blonde hair follicles in your bed when yourself and your partner both have dark hair or perhaps a discarded piece of chewing gum or maybe even a condom in your bathroom trash can. All of these things can be tested for DNA and matched to a specific person if you have another matching sample or at least eliminate yourself from being a DNA match.

Forensic DNA testing can certainly put an end to those sleepless nights worrying about the infidelity of your partner but it does come with a price tag. The majority of the tests offered by easyDNA® that will test most objects mentioned on their website cost around the $600 mark.

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