Best Hidden Cameras to Bust a Cheating Spouse 2017

By Josh Harrison

Do you want to know what your spouse is doing when you’re not around? If you suspect that your spouse is cheating, hidden cameras are the perfect way to bust them once and for all.

They come in a range of sizes, specifications and hidden in everyday items to remain as stealth as possible. If you’ve tried confronting your spouse or checked their phone and everything has led to a dead end, placing a hidden camera in your bedroom or lounge may put an end to those gut suspicions.

There are quite a few cameras out there so I decided to do a round up of the most cleverly concealed cameras on the market for consumers in 2017.

Aetos 200 – Mini Clock Radio with Night Vision

Aetos 200 clock radio with night vision

This seemingly innocent digital alarm clock is perfect for anyone suspecting their spouse of sleeping with someone else in their bed. Simply plug the clock into a power point and sit it on your bedside table…Installed!

If you plan on going away and leaving your spouse at home, this is the perfect product to catch them out. The system will record a whopping 32 days of footage if you install a 32gb memory card. Easy to setup and comes with both motion detection and night vision so you won’t miss a moment.

PRICE: $70.00


  • Motion Detection saves memory card space
  • Night vision for darker lit scenarios
  • Can be run from a power outlet or via battery (up to 8 hours)
  • Store up to 32 days of footage


  • If closely inspected, the rear LCD screen may raise alarm bells
  • Video resolution is fairly low (640×480)

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HD Spy Watch with Night Vision

HD spy watch with night vision

This functioning water-proof wrist watch contains a tiny camera in the face of the watch. It can be left on any surface to record video footage without raising suspicion. The video that is saved directly onto the device is high quality 1080p video which is the same level of quality found on most blue-ray discs. The camera supports night vision so even in the darkest of lighting you’ll still have a clear view of what your cheating spouse is up to.

The battery life isn’t fantastic and coupled with it’s low amount of memory this watch is best suited for short spurts of recording.

PRICE: $79.99


  • Can be worn or left on a surface to surveil a room
  • Video recorded at 1080p (HD)
  • Watch is water resistant
  • Supports night vision recording


  • Low amount of battery life (2 hours)
  • On board memory only which stores 1 hour of video

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Video / Audio Spy Pen (4Gb Storage)

Video / audio spy pen

Concealment is key when it comes to hidden cameras and this is one of the strong points of this video / audio recording pen. The camera is positioned just above the pen clip so it can be left on a stable surface or sat in a holder full of other pens.

The battery life does let this product down, after 1 hour of recording you’ll need to recharge via a USB cable. Also, the video quality isn’t HD but for less than $40 this is definitely a solid choice for anyone wanting to test the waters with hidden camera technology.

PRICE: $39.95


  • Low cost entry level hidden camera
  • Covert and inconspicuous design
  • Portable and can be setup quickly


  • Only stores 2 hours of video with on board memory
  • 1 hour of battery life
  • Video recorded at 640p (not HD)

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DVR100WF AC Adapter Camera with Wi-Fi

dvr100wf AC adapter camera with wifi

At the higher end of the price scale is the DVR100WF hidden camera. Blending in easily with it’s surroundings, this hidden camera will run straight off the main socket power supply which saves the hassle of short battery times. It will even connect to your local WiFi network to allow you to view a live stream from the camera anywhere in the world.

The only pitfall of this fantastic camera is where it can be placed. If you don’t have a wall socket in a convenient vantage point, you may struggle to get a good angle to film from.

PRICE: $129.00


  • Video is motion activated to save memory space
  • Live-stream feature which can be viewed on any external device
  • Comes with loads of on-board memory (32gb)
  • Runs off the power socket so battery will never run out


  • Limited placement (must be on a power socket)

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Note: Remember to check the laws regarding video / audio recording where you live. Covert surveillance isn’t legal everywhere so it’s best to do your own research with your local authorities to ensure you aren’t breaking the law.

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