8 Subtle Signs Your Partner is Cheating

By Josh Harrison

We’ve all had that feeling or suspicion that the one that we love may be deceiving us. You know that feeling you get in your gut that something just ain’t right! Signs of infidelity can range from fairly subtle to the down right obvious. Cheaters are usually pretty cunning in the way they go about covering up their deceit so here is a list of the top 8 subtle signs that will help you spot when your partner is cheating on you and trying to cover it up.

New Hobbies / Interests

Guy teaching girl how to skateboard

Your partner has suddenly started taking an interest in a topic or activity that they previously would have turned their nose up at. This could be a different type of music, sport, a lifestyle or just a different way of thinking. If they used to think vegetarians were arrogant grass munchers and one day start talking about how interesting veganism is, you may want to be on the look out for any new vegan ‘friends’ hanging around.

Protective of Phone

Husband hiding phone

The smart phone is probably the most protected possession of a cheater as it will usually contain the most evidence that would lead to them getting caught. Look out for signs of your partner becoming flustered when the phone rings, rejecting incoming calls or is leaving the room to write back to messages. They may even take their phone into the bathroom or turn their phone off completely when they are around you. Try picking up their phone to check the time in front of them and see how they react.


Man accusing wife of cheating

It’s not uncommon for cheaters to accuse their monogamous partners of cheating on them! This is usually a tactic to throw their suspicious partner off the scent. Once someone is accused of wrongdoing it is generally difficult for that person make the same accusations. They may also accuse you of cheating because they know they are secretly getting away with their affair and therefor have started to wonder if the same may be done to them.

The Unnamed Person

Woman telling story

A mysterious person may continuously appear in your partner’s stories. The person’s name will usually be left out as a subconscious way of hiding that they are seeing this other person. If you start to hear them tell constant stories where the key character is a friend of mine or this guy / girl from work, be suspicious.

Extended Commitments

Cheating in the office

If your partner has started going to work early or coming home extremely late from a new running group they just joined you may want to look at this with some skepticism. Think about possibly offering them a lift to work or say that you have something to do that’s near their work and you’ll commute with them. Alternatively ask them if you can join in their new activity and see how they react.


Sad girl no reply to text message

It’s 10am and you send your partner a spicy text message or maybe even just a simple question that you need the answer to. Lunch time comes and goes. The work day is done and no reply. Remember when you first got together and messages would fly back and forwards faster than you could even talk? If you find your partner becoming noticeably less responsive via text or answering their phone, they may have someone else taking your place.


Unthoughtful gift

This may vary case to case but a cheater may become selfish and unthoughtful when it comes to gifting occasions such as your birthday, Christmas or Valentines day. If you go to a lot of effort to make their birthday special and when yours comes around you get a gift card or a Backstreet Boys CD with the receipt still in the bag, it’s time to start asking yourself some questions.

History Repeats Itself

Husband explaining himself to wife

As the saying goes: “Once a cheater, always a cheater”. Now, I’m sure this rule doesn’t apply to every single person who’s ever cheated but it’s certainly typical behavior particularly in younger adults. If you know that your current partner has a history of cheating it’s certainly something to keep in mind.

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