5 Ways to Avoid Dating Cheaters

By Josh Harrison

No one enters a relationship expecting to be cheated on. Of course there’s no full proof way to tell from the get-go. Although there are certain danger zones and situations that you would be best to steer clear of. From cultural morals & online dating to long distance relationships & open mindedness. Through statistical data and personal experience, here are a few helpful tips to avoid falling in love with a cheater.

You’ve been the paramour

Office affair

If you were the ‘bit on the side’ or ‘mistress’ that was having an affair with a person who was in a relationship and that person decides to end their relationship to be with you, don’t expect it to last! The morals of a cheater don’t tend to change over time and thinking that it will be different when he/she is with you will ultimately lead to heart break. Avoid ‘come ons’ from people who are married or in a relationship. If you find out after the fact, run for the hills!


Infographic: The most unfaithful nationalities | Statista

A staggering 51% of married adults in Thailand admitted to being unfaithful to their partner. That’s over half of the married population! And a lot of the western European counties are far off with countries like Denmark, Germany & France statistically showing around a 40% infidelity rate in married couples.

Not to say that if you wanted to date someone in Italy that you’re guaranteed to get your heart broken but there is clearly something ingrained in certain cultures that doesn’t hold monogamy fairly high on the list.

Online Dating & Tinder

Relationship status of Tinder users

From cherry-picked profile photos to fabricated online profiles, welcome to the world of online dating. There’s no real way to tell who’s who and if they are genuinely single.

Some statistical data from 2015 shows that a whopping 30% of Tinder users from the UK & USA are either married or currently in a relationship. This figure is even higher (45%) on a global scale which means almost half of the profiles in some countries are people who are already taken.

Long Distance

Man waiting for phone call

Keeping the intimacy in a long distance relationship can be tough. Your only forms of communication non-physical such as phone calls, digital messaging or Skype. Not having physical contact and sexual intimacy with a partner can be an extreme ask for quite a lot of people. This lack of intimacy can often lead to temptation.

If your other half can’t handle the burdens that come with a long distance relationship, they may find themselves looking for the physical contact that they crave more locally. These relationships don’t always fail and if you do decide to go down this path make sure that it’s with someone you trust, you have regular meet ups in person and have an end goal of physically being together.

Appearance Criteria

Hot guy and hot girl

Basing your choice of partner purely based on looks can be a recipe for disaster. If you’re batting above your average you will constantly be jealous, over-protective and this may drive your partner away from you and possibly cheat.

Let’s face it, attractive people know they’re attractive and if the chemistry isn’t there they may look for another lover. Being open-minded to other people and personalities that may gel with yours better can lead to a more meaningful relationship.

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